Working together to improve access
to affordable vision care...everywhere

The 20/20 Project is a consortium of like-minded social organisations - an international NGO, a charitable foundation, a manufacturing company, and a number of name brands - that work together for a common goal: empowering people through the delivery of corrected vision to the 2.500.000.000 people in the world who are forced to live without the eye glasses they require. 

Collectively, we conduct vision screening and deliver eye glasses to people in need, all around the world. We increase awareness about visual impairment, and we raise and distribute funds to improve people's quality of life through corrected vision. We invent cutting-edge optical technologies, manufacture eye glasses and optical instruments, and design innovative distribution models. And, by the way, we also sell a pretty cool brand of eyewear which, through your purchase, enables us to achieve our mission.

Eyes for the World is an international NGO that develops and implements projects to deliver corrective eyeglasses to those in need, all around the world. The organisation has ongoing projects in Africa, Asia, South America and Europe.

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Beautiful Vision International

Beautiful Vision International is a charitable foundation that supports projects working to deliver corrected vision to those in need. It facilitates the distribution of eye glasses, and it works to raise awareness about the negative impacts of uncorrected visual impairment. Beautiful Vision International awards grants and provides training and support to promising projects and organisations.

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FocusSpecs® adjustable focus glasses are an optometric wonder. Their patented technology simplifies the delivery of eyeglasses to people in remote and rural locations, and to those lacking access to eye health professionals, making them the most cost effective means of correcting poor eyesight in the (developing) world today. To date, more than 100,000 people in over 50 countries around the world have benefitted from this innovative, low-cost and easy-to-use solution.

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Faces and Glasses® is a new lifestyle and socially responsible brand of awesome glasses which incorporates an innovative new technology. The brand affords consumers the opportunity to access the finest hand-made Italian eyewear that money can buy, made complete with incredible lenses, but at an absolutely affordable price. And, if that weren't enough, every purchase enables Eyes for the World to deliver one more pair of corrective spectacles to someone in need, .

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Adaptive EyeWorks is a social enterprise that designs, develops and manufactures innovative technologies and systems for the delivery of corrected vision. A percentage of its revenues supports the work of The 20/20 Project and its charities.

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